Muay Thai Fighter From Manchester Takes The Hot Seat!

Muay Thai Fighter From Manchester Takes The Hot Seat!

Next up in our Q&A series is Jordan Betham. Jordan is a level 4 personal trainer, specialising in body transformation, strength and conditioning, as well as Thai boxing. Jordan has been working as a PT for around 4 years, and currently works at the David Lloyds gym, located Manchester North.

What is your favourite exercise?
My favourite exercise is going on the punchbag and doing pad work, I find it so much fun and it really is a high intensity workout.

What muscle do you consider to be the most important to be trained on?
I think the most important muscle to work on in boxing is your legs because that’s where all your power comes from, which is especially important to fighters that use all your limbs such as different disciplines of MMA.

What’s your favourite MyFreshBox dish?
My favourite MFB dish is the Thai green Turkey Curry. Not sure if it’s got something to do to linking to my Muay Thai but everything about that country is beautiful.

Thai Turkey Green Curry - A Traditional, Asian Dish

What’s your favourite cheat dish?
My favourite cheat dish has got to be a nice hot curry or a pizza.

How many times a week do you train?
I train around 4-6 times a week usually, that would be a mix of weights and Muay Thai/boxing.

How do you deal with sugar / junk food cravings?
I personally feed the craving, it’s all about balance - I have cut over 20kg in the past and still managed to get something sweet in.

What is the best diet to follow for losing weight?
Best diet for losing weight is simply a calorie deficit. Just literally make sure you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming.

What and when should I eat around my workouts?
I personally eat meat around my workouts as you don’t tend to crash like you would with carbs.

What’s your key to balancing a working life around going to the gym and training as a fighter?
My key to gym/Thai/working balance is simply getting up early and getting stuff done, training between clients and doing 1-1 sessions with my Thai boxing coach.

If you’ve got any questions to at all you want Jordan to answer, whether it’s to do with Thai Boxing, gym workouts and personal trainer sessions, drop Jordan a message on Instagram through @JBetham_PT, where he’ll do what he can to help you out and share his knowledge and expertise on the sport.

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Manchester Based Personal Trainer & Muay Thai Boxer