How Long Do Our Meals Last In The Fridge?
Our meals have a 4 day fridge life from the date of delivery. 

Can Our Meals Be Frozen?❄️
Yes - You can freeze our meals, which will also extend how long they last for. 

Where Do We Deliver To?📦
We currently deliver locally (Postcodes that are L – Liverpool and CH – Wirral,) on a Monday and Thursday (8am - 2pm)

How Do You Heat Up Our Meals?🔥
The average time required to heat our meals up is 3 minutes, this can slightly differ though depending on how powerful your microwave is. However, we urge you to ensure that the meal is piping hot throughout the whole dish, to make sure that all contents are properly cooked.

How Does The Weekly Meal Plan Work?🍛

Can The Plastic Be Reused?♻️
These containers are recyclable, so when you are finished with them you can simply pop them in your recycling bin.  
However, for health and safety reasons, we cannot reuse the plastic containers that we deliver your meals in, so there’s no need to offer to resend them back to us.

Can You Create An Account?💂
Of Course! By creating an account, it means that when you come to order our meals again in the future it saves you time and effort. Once the account is created, it should only take 3 clicks to confirm any future orders, saving you from entering your details again!
You can change your information whenever you please, such as your name, delivery address, credit card information and more. To do this, click on ‘My Account’ on the main page and if logged in, you can modify your Account details.

How Can You Contact Us?📱
To get in touch with you, you can either drop us a message on any of our social channels, or send us an email at thebennokitchen@gmail.com

What Happens If You Have Any Order Issues?🛎️
If you’re not pleased with anything within your order, then please let us know the issue and how we can attempt to amend it, as it is paramount to us that our customers adore their experience with us and are 100% happy - as if you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

Are The Meals Macro Counted?🖩
Definitely! We have added the macronutrient count to all of our dishes on our meal labels to help you track your calorie intake.

What If You Want To Make A Change To You Order?🔄
If you would like to change your order once it has already been placed, please reach out to us via email at thebennokitchen@gmail.com or a direct message on any of our social channels. We will do whatever we can to accommodate your request.

How Do You Pay?💵
We accept payment through our website, simply enter your card details and you're good to go.  



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