Chef Andy's 0 Days Off: North Downs Way 100

Chef Andy's 0 Days Off: North Downs Way 100

North Downs Way 100 Recap

On August 7th, one of our founders, Andy competed in his first 100 mile race out of 3 over the next couple of months. The race took place across the North Downs Way trail in the south east of England on a very hot day! 

The race distance was actually 103 miles and took Andy 24:44:54. That's a whole day and night of continuous running. With over 10,000 feet of elevation this was no joke of a race and would test Andy's soul.

Fuelled by our own grass-fed Benno burgers, Andy burned a whopping 12,000 kcal across the 24 hour period. 

Here's what Andy said about the night time during the race - 

"It was terrifying! It was pitch black and at one point my head torch had run out. If it wasnt for a fellow runner passing me some spare batteries, I would have been in real trouble."

"I could hear wild noises all night and was seeing plenty eyes in the bushes. That messes with your head! It was the toughest race i've ever done."

"What an experience I loved every second of it. Next race is 100 miles in Miami September 24th LET'S GO!"

Well done chef. Inspiring to us all. 

Andy at the finish line