Meet The Team - Roy

Roy is one of the originals who help set up My Fresh Box alongside Alex. Originally from Gdansk in Poland, Roy moved over to England when he was 20 and worked in a Chinese buffet in Essex called Aroma, operating as a prep chef and working on the teppanyaki grill, it was here that he learnt how to make authentic Chinese food. Before coming to the UK, Roy spent 1 year studying logistics and then spent a year studying to go into the military, something that he had a passion for growing up. With moving up North, Roy join popular burger franchise Gourmet Burger Kitchen, located at the top of Liverpool 1 shopping mall, where he worked his way up to become head chef. After being there for 2 years, he moved to Grove Tap Beer & Grill (a JSM Bar) in Concert Square, located where popular nightclub Level now is.

About Roy

What is your favourite all time My Fresh Box meal?
"Malaysian Chicken Curry. I love how smooth it is plus it's so tasty, I don't think I've ever had a Malaysian curry as good as this"

What will we normally find you doing in My Fresh Box?
“I spend half of my time cooking the dishes with Tony and the other half helping Alex and Chris with the website. I’m quite into my graphic design and being creative so I’ll take some images try to edit and optimise them, as well as trying to make some videos that we can use on social media and the website.”

Outside of work, what do you do to relax and in your spare time?
“I have two young daughters so a lot of my time is spent taking care of them and spending time with my wife. I also spend a lot of my time trying to improve how I do graphics and videos. I used to be into my fitness and working out so once I had more free time on my hands I’d like to start that again, but god knows when that’ll be.”

Finally, what do you enjoy the most about working at My Fresh Box?
“I like how we are able to help people. We’re not just here to cook meals and take money off people, we all try and make the dishes as nice as possible but still assist with the client’s body and lifestyle goals. I also like how I can experiment with creating some meals as opposed to being stuck following a set menu.”

Fun Fact: At school, Roy was swimmer and competed across the continent for 4 years representing Poland. His class was actually the best in Europe and won gold medals in competitions that they entered on numerous occasions.

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