Meet The Team - Chris

Chris is the youngest member of the MyFreshBox team and is responsible for the marketing and sales. He started here at the end of February 2020, approaching 3 years after graduating from the University of Chester with a Business Management degree, focussing extensively on marketing and the benefits it possesses to a business. Since leaving academics, he have had a couple of different roles, including one that sold household appliances on eBay and Amazon, and a data collecting and power-meter company that operated on a number of their own websites, giving him a wide array of knowledge in a number of marketing departments.

Chris Whilst At Parklife Festival, 2018

Since starting at My Fresh Box, Chris decided to kickstart his fitness regime and start to eat healthily again. Something that he felt unable to do whilst juggling a 12-hour daily shift in a family ran mechanics, and playing football a couple times a week. This change to his lifestyle has seen him manage to lose over two stone in a few months, and this is without the ability to attend the gym due to national closures amid the global pandemic.


About Chris

What is your favourite all time My Fresh Box meal?
"It’s definitely one of the curries. It always used to be the Malaysian Chicken but then I tried the Thai Yellow Chicken for the first time the other week and I think it’s trumped it. Is genuinely top two curries I’ve ever had, but I’m sure it’s nowhere near as bad as the takeaway masala I had a while back! It’s nice to know though that I can have an incredible meal for my lunch and not feel guilty about it, plus feel rubbish the next day because of all the additives most takeaways throw into it.”

What will we normally find you doing in My Fresh Box?
"I spend my day on my laptop working on most things technical and marketing within the business, plus processing some of the sales on a Friday and Saturday. These tasks could be all sorts from working on social campaigns, writing content such as blogs and articles, emailing the clients and also taking any phone calls we receive in the office…I’m sure there’ll be a comment about eating all the left over curries added in here somewhere so I’ll say it myself haha!”

Outside of work, what do you do to relax and in your spare time?
"I like to be quite a busy person really, I hate being stuck indoors, especially in the summer, doing nothing. I play football usually a few times a week plus for a Saturday and Sunday league team so a lot of my spare time goes towards them. I also try and go the gym, which I’ve been slacking quite a bit this year before being able to use the lockdown as an excuse, but when they reopen I’m definitely going to try and push myself to go more and more, suppose we’ll just have to wait and see”.

Finally what do you enjoy the most about working at My Fresh Box?
"Although its serious and we’re all working hard, it’s a good laugh as a lot of the lads and myself have similar interests, like football and boxing. It's without a doubt the most enjoyable place I worked. Plus, I like the work that I’m doing. Previously I was just doing bits and bobs of marketing but this entails so much more, and because of the roll I can really make it my own and create my own leads; the whole role really is one very exciting project.”

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