Meet The Team - Andy

Andy is the newest member of the My Fresh Box team and works here part time, juggling his roles and responsibilities in our kitchen alongside being a self-employed contractor, which basically means other kitchens will rent his service for specific periods of time to help them when they've got an influx of customers. The Titanic Hotel in Liverpool often call Andy when they host Premier League clubs upon facing away games against Liverpool and Everton. Andy’s experience and expertise around the kitchen was a key decision maker in why Alex reached out to him to join the MFB team, as the two had worked together in a previous gastropub role, so he knew that he was getting another first class chef.

Andy Enjoying A Nice Trip To Barcelona, Spain

About Andy

What is your favourite all time My Fresh Box meal?
“Beef Panang. Its such a smooth curry and the cuts of beef are always thick but tender and fall apart in your mouth.”

What will we normally find you doing in My Fresh Box?
“I focus mainly on prepping most of the items on the menu ready to be cooked the next day. I also spend some time coming up with ideas for new items for the menu, especially healthy and protein enhanced cakes and bars.”

Outside of work, what do you do to relax and in your spare time?
“Nothing exciting really, I just tend to try and go to the gym, play and watch sport, although the older I get the more it’s just watching sport and not so much of the first two! I also like going to the pub with a few of my mates when im off the next day, nothing heavy or hectic anymore just a few casual pints with the lads.”

Finally, what do you enjoy the most about working at My Fresh Box?
“The lads, it’s just a relaxed place to work and being able to have freedom of coming up with new ideas. I’ve known Alex for years as I’ve worked with him before in Liverpool City Centre and we got on well there. So when he called to see if I wanted any more work I bit his hand off. I like how everyone in the company are working towards the same goal, and are all in it for one another, not just come in for a paycheque then go home.”

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