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At the start of July 2020, My Fresh Box announced an official agreement with the Whitechapel Centre Homeless Shelter based in Liverpool where we will help to counter hunger within the homeless community by donating at least 50 meals each week, equating to over 2600 over the course of a year.

So who are The Whitechapel Centre?

The Whitechapel Centre are a non-profit charity set up in the heart of Liverpool to help attack homelessness and hunger for all within the city. They try and prevent and resolve homelessness, social exclusion and housing poverty by providing practical, realistic, tailored support so that each person can find a route out of homelessness, maintain a home and achieve their individual potential. Starting in 1975, they have grown from strength to strength, and now have more than 120 staff employed, not including the various donation partnerships including the likes of MFB. As well as this, they have the support of over 60 fantastic volunteers and are governed by their Board of Trustees, truly are a wonderful cause helping our beautiful city.

What have we done to help The Whitechapel Centre?

Since the start of this agreement, My Fresh Box have donated 50 meals a week to TWC’s headquarters, based on the outskirts of town. These consist of a range of different meals though, and it’s simply not a case of whatever left over food gets thrown together for them. These meals are made at the same time as our actual clients, with just the same care and quality, and get boxed up with their own personalised lids to ensure they are never short handed and get their promised goods. These 50 meals a week work out to 2600 a year, but this is still only the tip of the iceberg.

Alex doesn’t do things in half measures though, and this case was no exception, with him going the extra mile…or 26. Yes, you guessed it, he ran a marathon. In October 2020, My Fresh Box founder and CEO, Alex Head, ran 26 miles in aid of raising funds for the homeless charity, and really did push himself to the physical limit as he battled not only his own stamina, but some horrendous conditions including a Baltic rain and gale storm, which no doubt added even more of a challenge.

It’s been a challenging year for The Whitechapel Centre

Since the national lockdown started, The Whitechapel Centre have had to change their approach of how they can help, with changing from cooking for people in their centre to providing food boxes. This is a tricky challenge though due to the accommodation limitations faced by some of our city’s most vulnerable people, which sees some people being temporarily homed with as little as a solitary kettle or microwave. Alongside this, they have seen a decrease in donations and fundraising due to the inability to perform everyday activities, so now is the perfect time if you would also like to help out with their plight to help fight homelessness in Liverpool.

A couple of months ago key TWC volunteer Julianna caught up with Alex and spoke about all things to do with the partnership, from the meals donated to the then upcoming marathon. If you’d like to read what they spoke about, then simply click here.

If you’re thinking of helping The Whitechapel Centre with their truly amazing cause, then click this button below, which will take you to their donation section on their website, which will explain to you all of the ways that you can donate to them, and what they will use your money for!

Donate to The Whitechapel

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