Jack McKinlay

Jack ‘The Ripper’ McKinlay is a professional boxer coming from Liverpool. After turning professional just before the 2020 pandemic, Jack boasts a perfect record which has seen him win both of his fights at this level. Before making the step up to professional, he dominated the semi-pro ranks, showing unrivalled power which led to winning a number of fights by knockout. This is even more impressive in this division though due to the additional headgear worn by the competitors for extra safety precaution, which shows just how good he was compared to the rest.

Being a natural meat eater, Jack usually chooses a number of dishes off our main menu alongside a few breakfast and snack items, such as the flavoured protein pancakes and the protein bars, stating that his favourite dish on our menu being the Beef Panang curry. However, Jack also often chooses a week of vegan meals, saying that he finds that they offer a different angle to his nutritional intake and can help him to change how his body reacts to the meals he consumes. This sort of approach has been documented to be used by several high profile athletes in the past that claim to see beneficial results from this process, as well as being able to try different foods, as vegan dishes are also usually made with a wider range of spices and extras.

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