Veganism & Vegetarianism - So what are they?

Veganism & Vegetarianism - So what are they?

Over the past five years, the vegetarian and vegan movement are two of the most popular about, with more and more global attention heading their way each year, including a number of programs and documentaries being made on their ideas and opinions.

So what is Vegan and Vegetarianism, and how are they different?

Vegan and vegetarianism are two very similar concepts, with their core beliefs being against eating meat. However, there are many different types of vegetarianism, with them usually altering the way they believe eggs and milk can be consumed, along with fish and seafood, which is considered to be acceptable to eat by Pescatarians. Vegans however have strict beliefs, and are against any sort of cruelty towards animals and don’t want them to be treated badly just for human consumption purposes. A lot of vegans have chosen this way of life for moral reasons, and are strongly against any sort of cruelty towards animals and tend to be more passionate about animal welfare, resulting in many avoiding wearing clothes that have been made from the skin of animals, such as leather and suede, and also won’t use makeup and cosmetics that have been tested on animals. Eggs, milk, and fish are the most common deciding factor as to which bracket of plant based diet an individual will fall into, with them wanting to choose both what’s best for themselves and the animals they care about.

Nutritional Concerns

When it comes to the dietary issues of vegetarians and vegans, people often think that their body is missing out on a lot of important nutrients, and that their bodies aren’t as healthy as someone who does eat meat. This isn’t actually true though.

We offer an extensive range of Vegan & Vegetarian dishes

Vegetarians and vegans do need to find a way to replace the important nutrients that the body would be missing out on by not eating meat, but nearly every important component required has a plant based, meat free alternative. The most popular of these is Quorn, which is the direct meat replacement made up of a fermented fungus found in soil, but is highly enjoyed and promoted by some of the worlds most known athletes, such as long distance running Mo Farah. Fortunately, the food on offer for vegetarianism has come a lot way over the last few years, meaning vegans and vegetarians don’t suffer from a lack of nutritious and delicious foods, and can very easily whip up a nice meal with some Quorn and vegetables in a matter of minutes.

From oat bars and pancakes, veggie curries and stew, here at MyFreshBox, we’ve catered a menu to the needs of vegans without losing out on the great taste. Alongside the tasty itemized menu, we offer the macronutrients on offer in each dish, allowing you to track what you’re eating and cater them to your needs.

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