The Gyms Are Reopening Again - This Is Not A Drill!

The Gyms Are Reopening Again - This Is Not A Drill!

It was like music to our ears yesterday evening when we heard that Gyms would be able to reopen towards the end of the month. It has been confirmed that gyms, along with beauty salons such as nail bars, leisure centres and indoor swimming pools are set to be able to reopen from the 25th July, at the organisation owner’s discretion. 

This is great news for a lot of lot of people, especially those to do with My Fresh Box, as we deal with so many full-time personal trainers and professional athletes, who have been impacted heavily by the previous closures.

Whether it’s lifting weights and doing bicep curls, to sweating like crazy whilst on a spinning bike, gyms were a great place to help you get fit and work towards your physical goals. If you’re looking to get a programme started to help you with yours, we can help in a number of ways. We have custom catered meal plans prepared to assist no matter what you goal is, whether that’s to lose weight and slim down, to bulk up and gain muscle mass, or even maintain weight, all with vegan alternatives. As well as this, we cooperate with a number of personal trainers, boxing coaches and body builders all around the country, so head to our blog page and see if any of them are located close to you, as they are all also looking to take on new clients and get back into the swing of things! Even if it’s just reading about some of the information they’ve given us at MFB, their knowledge and tips could be the difference and really help you.

This announcement sees many other benefits than simply being able to workout, as physio therapists and sports masseuses are now able to reopen, so if you’ve been suffering with a sports injury you should be able to get it checked out a lot easier now. So this really is a sign that we’re heading the right direction and hopefully be able to put this dark time behind us. I for one can’t wait to get back in the gym, although I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like now with all the new regulations in place.

If you are a bit sceptical about going to the gym amid the current situation, take a look at our article on how you can maintain your cleanliness and help protect the safety of others. I imagine that a lot of these will be customary in most gyms, as the possibility of a second spike would surely see gyms be one of the first to be ordered to close, so it really is in best interest of everyone to keep on top of personal hygiene, and try to keep the spreading of germs to a minimum.

So if you are looking for a tailored made meal plan, then get in touch by dropping us an email at or any of our social channels, and we’ll reply as quickly as possible with what we can do for you!


Michael Stephens, above, is a perfect example of the sort of transformation that can be carried out by combining a My Fresh Box diet alongside a vigorous workout plan tailored by a personal trainer. Michael is a long term customer at MFB, and has even featured within our Q&A series, where he shares some of his knowledge gained from being a personal trainer within the British Army. 

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