Boxing Coach Answers Your Questions

Boxing Coach Answers Your Questions

Second in our Q&A feature is boxing coach Anthony. Coming from Everton, Anthony has been a keen sportsman since he was a kid, and started boxing from a young age. Having over 50 fights, winning the vast majority, Anthony turned to coaching and has been doing so for over 6 years, helping provide knowledge and experience to the next batch of boxers training at the Everton Red Triangle boxing gym. 2 years ago he acquired his level 3 personal training qualification and has since been putting it to use working at the Signature Fit Club in Everton.

What is your favourite exercise?
I’d have to say deadlifts as they work multiple muscle groups and great for building strength

What muscle do you consider to be the most important to be trained on?
Important muscle- legs I think because they give you a strong base and strong core aswell

What is your favourite pre workout meal / snack?
I usually eat something nice and simple like poached egg on toast, can’t beat it

What is your favourite post workout meal / snack?
A nice filling pasta to help refuel, loaded with carbohydrates with veg and meat mixed in.

What is your favourite MFB dish
The Malaysian chicken curry really is unreal, I could eat it everyday!

Malaysian Chicken Curry - A Fans Favourite

If you’re feeling naughty, what’s your favourite cheat dish?
Definitely a pizza from Dominos, a large bbq ranch pizza

How many times a week do you train?
6 days Monday to Saturday with Sunday as a rest day

How do you deal with sugar / junk food cravings?
Sugar cravings- I drink as much water as possible to keep cravings away and if I want something sweet I’ll have something like 10cal jelly or tea with sweetener in

What is the best diet to follow for losing weight?
Everyone’s body is different so hard to say, but you have to be in a calorie deficit regardless

What and when should I eat around my workouts?
Again people react different, myself before a workout I have some light carbs 90 mins before and then after my workout I eat a filing meal with loads of protein

If you’re based in the Everton region of Liverpool and looking for a personal trainer or a boxing coach, or even have any questions for Anthony, then message him directly on his Instagram page @anthonyhboxing or go through the gym he works at @sitfitcluband see what they can do for you!

If you’re a personal trainer or knowledgeable about fitness / nutrition and would like to get involved with this, then please drop us a message on any of our social channels or via email at and we’ll send over the questions, featuring you in our next available slot.

Anthony, a MFB Client and Personal Trainer / Boxing Coach