PT Series #5 - Sport Graduate Jake Vickers

PT Series #5 - Sport Graduate Jake Vickers

The next feature in our Personal Trainer series is Jake Vickers, a Sport & Exercise Science graduate from John Moore’s University. Originally from down south, Jake moved up to Liverpool around 7 years ago, and has been a personal trainer at the JD Gym in town for 2 years, helping people achieve their own personal goals with personalised fitness plans and nutrition & diet advice.



What is your favourite exercise?
My favourite exercise has to be the deadlift. It’s a really good compound lift that trains major muscles groups. 

What muscle do you consider to be the most important to be trained on?
Have to be the legs as they are your foundations. Important that everything is trained equally though.

What’s your favourite pre workout meal / snack?
I normally don’t eat before I train as I prefer not to, so just a black coffee, the caffeine in it helps to give me additional energy.

What’s your favourite post workout meal / snack?
When I finish training I’ll have a protein shake and some oats after.

What’s your favourite MFB dish?
Has to be the Thai chicken and vegetable curry, it’s lovely!

What’s your favourite cheat dish?
Probably an Indian takeaway, I really love my curries!

How many times a week do you train?
I train 6/7 times a week.

How do you deal with sugar / junk food cravings?
I try to add some junk food in where possible within my diet so I don’t restrict myself too much and end up binging over the weekend. So just have a small amount of chocolate a day maybe. You can still be fit and healthy but eat what you love and what might not be good for you, but moderating it is important.

Protein Pancakes Topped With Mixed Berry Fruits

What is the best diet to follow for losing weight?
The best you can follow is one you can maintain and do all year round. It’s important to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight & fat though.

What and when should I eat around my workouts?
Again this comes down to personal preference but I would always make sure you try and get some protein in after your workouts so that you can recover properly.

If you’re looking for a gym in the city centre region of Liverpool then Jake highly recommends the JD Gym he works at. Located just around the corner from Moorfields train station, it’s easily commutable and an excellent location to visit if you work in the city centre before taking the train home, as well as having over 250 machines, 200 classes and a large free weight zone. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, or even have any questions for Jake, then message him directly on his Instagram page @JakeVickersFitness, where he ensures he gets back to everyone as quickly as possible.

 If you’re a personal trainer or knowledgeable about fitness / nutrition and would like to get involved with this, then please drop us a message on any of our social channels or via email at and we’ll send over the questions, featuring you in our next available slot.

JD Gyms' Personal Trainer Jake Vickers