Once again, football’s undoubtedly coming home!

Once again, football’s undoubtedly coming home!

After an extremely long year or so, Euro 2020 finally kicked off on Friday with the Italians triumphing over Turkey, before a hugely exciting weekend for two of our home nations, which saw Wales rescue a point against an impressive looking Switzerland side, and an even more exciting England beating the 2018 World Cup finalist Croatia at Wembley.

What did last weekend teach us?

When there’s football games on at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm, you really lose track of time rather easily. Between trying to watch all the games and enjoy a summer tournament, to working out, eating healthily, and still socialise in the sun, its fairly obvious which ones are being prioritised, but this is where we can help to bring back the balance! Instead of simply ditching the weekend shop and dedicating your Friday, Saturday and even a Sunday night to a takeaway tea and full English Breakfast prior, why not get prepared and line up some healthy meals to keep you on track for your physical goals, which only take 3 minutes to heat up then you’re ready to go!

Bragging rights!

On Friday, two of the home nations face of where England host Scotland at Wembley Stadium. England go into the game full of confidence, as they currently sit joint top on points in Group D after Raheem Sterling’s solo strike gave the Three Lions a win over a Luka Modric led Croatia side, and Scotland firmly bottom after losing 2-0 against the Czech Republic at, Glasgow’s Hampden Park. However, recent form doesn’t often mean an awful in games of this sort of ilk, as the emotions and passion of a local rivalry takes presence, and it usually comes down to who wants it more on the day. As well as fans being able to return to the stadium surely adding a little bit more to the pot!


Don’t miss out on enjoying your summer and being afraid to drink alcohol and have a good time whilst the footballs on, just try and balance it with what you eat and do drink if you’re looking to still make progress on your physical goals. Keep pealed on our blog releases over the next couple of days, where we will release a number of articles, about some tasty, yet surprisingly healthy, dishes and cocktails that would be perfect to have whilst sitting in the sun!