Meet Libby & Ryan - Food Bloggers from Leeds, Yorkshire

Meet Libby & Ryan - Food Bloggers from Leeds, Yorkshire

As we start the month of October, it looks even more evident that the summer is definitely over as the leaves turn brown and the conkers are appearing on the pavements under the trees. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though, as Libby and Ryan have found out, who are a lovely young couple residing in Leeds, Yorkshire. The pair of them run a food blogging account that discusses everything they eat, from fancy bars and restaurants to home deliveries and take outs, including an unrivalled meal prep company…

Here's what they had to say about their experience with us here at My Fresh Box


  • Chocolate and banana protein pancakes
  • Kiwi and Apple Smoothie
  • Mixed Berry and Banana Smoothie
  • Lamb Meatballs, Tomato & Basil Sauce on Pasta
  • Lamb Massaman Curry With Spiced Rice and Sugar Snap Peas
  • King Prawn Teriyaki, Soba Noodles & Sesame Seeds
  • Steamed Fillet of Hake, Curried Lentils with Curly Kale
  • Thai Yellow Chicken Curry, Spiced Rice & Dried Apricots
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken with Spiced Rice

  • We placed our choices on Saturday & the food arrived on Monday (super impressed with how it was packaged & how quick it came) & very helpful team members.

    We don’t usually get meal preps from anywhere because they tend to be bland and flavourless, but boy we were so wrong! Each meal from my freshbox was packed full of flavour and so low in calories along with only taking 3 minutes to cook!! I love how full they made us feel too (some I couldn’t finish due to being too full)

    Each meal tells you the Protein, Carbs, Fat and Calorie content which is so helpful.

    My Favourite dish had to be Steamed Fillet of Hake & Rys favourite was the Lamb Massaman Curry, both so flavoursome!!

    We both agreed that we will 100% order from here again before we go on holiday and need to keep to a strict diet.


    Lamb Meatballs and Pasta In a Tomato Based Sauce
    Thai Yellow Chicken Curry
    Chocolate & Banana Pancakes Alongside Fresh Fruit

    They opted to have their meals on a plate, adding a more homely look to their easily made dinner

    “The meals are packed full of flavour whilst being low in calories and leave you feeling full – what else could you ask for with meal preps?"

    If you’re interested in seeing their posts and having a look at what they said about our meal prep service, as well as other hotspots around Yorkshire, then visit their Instagram profile which is @The__Food__Plug!