Manchester Marathon 2022

Manchester Marathon 2022

Starting line

This weekend one of our co-founders, George, completed the 26.2 mile Manchester Marathon race alongside 22,000 other participants. It turned out to be an incredible day filled with positive vibes from everyone and an amazing achievement for so many people! 

George finished with a time of 4:01:23. Although slightly longer than he had aimed for, this is still a decent time. The race winner was local athlete, Johnny Mellor, with an incredible time of 2:10:46... Savage!

The route for the race was a memorable one passing through many key Manchester landmarks. Old Trafford and Deansgate were just some of the sights in the first 6 miles, then passing through a busy Manchester city centre. Music was a key theme throughout the course with loads of different bands and choirs keeping the energy high as everyone gives it all they've got.

After the first section, runners headed south through Sale towards Altrincham for the halfway point. It was great to see so many families and supporters are constantly cheering everyone on; offering jelly babies and high fives to give runners an extra boost. 

By the second half of the race, the sun had made its way out and some gorgeous weather brought everyone back through Sale and in towards the finish line on Talbot road in Trafford. What a great day for everyone involved! From elite runners to charity fundraisers, everyone completes the 26.2 miles at their own pace; everyone finishing with their own sense of accomplishment. Kudos to everyone! 

A few words from George: "This was a boss challenge that I've trained during the last 12 weeks for. The sense of celebration you get when the crowd is cheering you on is hard to describe, it really does make a difference on race day! I'd aimed for 3:30:00 but had also underestimated the last 6 miles of the race, it was tough. I will beat the original goal soon and can't wait to sign up for the next one."

George with his finisher medal

Running is one of the core principles of Benno Box as we feel there is nothing that can improve our lives like it! The physical, mental and social improvements that come from simply moving our legs is ASTONISHING. If you are feeling demotivated or down...try a short run and feel the benefits straight away.

Thanks to all at #ManchesterMarathon for organising such great event!