London Based Food Blogger GoanToLondon Talks About MFB

London Based Food Blogger GoanToLondon Talks About MFB

So meet GoanToLondon, an international blogger account ran by a lovely brother and sister duo residing in London. Descending from Goa, India - Hence the name, which took a bit more working out than I'd care to admit! - they share Portuguese, Indian and British blood. Due to it being coastal, Goa played a massive part in the trade of India and has undergone continual transformation, leaving an indelible impression on various aspects of its cultural and socio-economic development. The pair share the account, and talk about all things food, travel, lifestyle and books, what they claim to be the 'good things in life!'.

After Lunch in Searcy's The Gherkin, Enjoying a Coffee in their 360 Degree View Bar!

"Fantastic meals from My Fresh Box – a Meal Prep and Delivery Service!"

"We got to try My Fresh Box, a meal prep and delivery service that offers tailored, personalised meal plans covering all bases from vegan, low calorie to high protein. They also offer breakfast and snack options, which are great to stop you succumbing to the lure of corner shops and vending machine, we loved the chocolate and peanut butter high protein flapjacks. The menus change every week, so there’s lots of choice and you don’t get bored. The only downside is if you find a favourite you have to wait a while for it to roll back around! The meals only take 3 minutes to reheat and although they come in plastic you can wash out the containers and reuse them.

Blunt Honesty

We loved pretty much all the meals we ordered, our favourites were probably the Lamb Massaman curry and the Moroccan Salmon both of which were incredibly flavourful and the salmon even came with a yoghurt/harissa sauce on the side so you could choose whether to put it on or not."

Salmon being prepared before being cut into think chunks

The only meal we were less keen on was the rump steak, we found this cut quite chewy and a bit bland. We would prefer it if there were add ons; such as if you could get a spice rub for the meat or a sauce on the side if you were willing to go more calorific. We would also love it if there were even more customisable options, such as a high fibre one that would let you switch out white carbs for brown rice/ wholemeal pasta.

One of the many steak dishes we offer

The cost of main meals range from about £5.50 to £6.50 which is incredibly reasonable for such high quality, freshly prepared food and monthly plans from £25. We really liked the flexibility My Fresh Box offered, as we prefer to eat our main meal at lunch but if you batch cook you can end up eating the same thing for days on end. If you’re not seeing a plan that seems quite right for you have a chat to one of the team on social media, they’re very responsive and will always try to accommodate your specific needs.

MFB's Thoughts on their Article

One very impressive feature with their article was that they were bluntly honest, and weren't afraid to give us some constructive criticism. Although only having positive feedback is a really good thing, it can sometimes hinder a business due to not knowing what to improve on, as well as sometimes reducing the look of legitimacy of their reviews due to them being one sided and unbalanced. This element of honesty shows that they do speak their mind, so if you're looking for a straight-edge opinion on something; where it's about a location they might have been to, a restaurant they've eaten in or just looking for something fun to read, then I highly recommend this account and having a browse through their page. 

To read their full article on their experience with My Fresh Box, head over to and see what they had to say about us!