How Benno Box can help you beat the cost of living crisis

How Benno Box can help you beat the cost of living crisis

How Benno Box can help you beat the cost of living crisis and generally improve your quality of life!

Many a Mickle makes a Muckle …..

Every time my old boss, Eddie, used to see a coin on the floor, he would bend down, pick it up and would tap his pocket, saying proudly “Many a Mickle makes a Muckle”. Now I’ve no idea what a Mickle is or for that matter, a Muckle, but I presume that the philosophy was similar to that of Team Sky boss David Brailsford’s ‘Aggregation of marginal gains’. The notion that lots of small things put together add up to a big thing.

We are all being squeezed financially at the moment by increases in the cost of, what seems like, everything. Everyday necessities just suddenly cost more – Petrol/Diesel, Gas, Electricity, Food ….. the list goes on. The first thing the money experts tell us to do is to reduce non-essential outgoings – Gym memberships, Netflix, Season tickets etc but how miserable would that be? Once we get to the point that we are going to work all week just to merely survive and pay the bills, we will then have a mental health crisis on our hands.

One of the things that Martin Lewis recommends in his Cost of Living survival guide is to ‘Eat regularly and have at least one hot meal a day’. He suggests a bowl of porridge or a sachet of Cup-a soup. Benno Box will not only ensure that you get a hot meal but that it is delicious whilst packed with nutrients.
Read his guide here -

So how else can Benno Box help? Remember our philosophy of lots of small things adding up? When you sign up for Benno Box meals you are making lots of small savings –

  1. Fuel for the car to go shopping.
  2. The cost of ingredients to make a hot, nutritious meal every night. (Not to mention the waste of unused ingredients).
  3. The cost of Gas & Electric to prepare & cook the meals.

On their own, it doesn’t seem like much. But put these savings together consistently over time, and it will save you enough to maybe keep hold of your ‘luxuries’ while we ride this financial storm.
However money isn’t the only thing that Benno Box can help you with. Many of us are what is known as ‘Time poor’. Meaning we spend so much time working that we have to prioritise our other activities and it is usually the things that are most valuable for our health & wellbeing that get put to the bottom of the list – Exercise, Relaxation & Family time. So think about the time that you will save by having your meals delivered to your door and a few minutes in the Microwave – Less shopping, Less cooking, Less washing up…. Even if this only adds up to an extra 30 minutes a day, this is a 30 minute run or walk, a 30 minute snooze, or a 30 minute kick-about in the park with the kids.

If saving Money & Time, whilst getting Fitter and Healthier sounds good to you why not have a look at Benno Box meal plans and discount deals -

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