Benno Box Carbonara Sauce Recipe

Benno Box Carbonara Sauce Recipe

Pasta Carbonara is an indulgent yet surprisingly simple recipe to make. Who doesn't love a cheesy, delicious spaghetti dish that fits within our calorie intake. Let's discover how the Benno Box chefs create a healthy version to serve to clients.

This recipe can alternatively be made vegan by using replacements such as vegan cream and vegan cheese. 

Ingredients (Sauce):

  • 1 Medium Onion 

  • 3 Celery Stalks 

  • 50g Vegetable Stock 

  • 500ml Cream 

  • 100g Parmesan 

  • Lemon Juice

  • 10g Mixed Seasoning

Step 1 

Dice the onion and celery and add to a medium sized pan on a low heat. Add a pinch of salt.

Step 2 

Raise the heat slightly and allow your onions and celery (base) to cook and brown at the bottom of the pan. 

Step 3

Add your mixed seasoning and mix with a wooden spoon. This can be any pre-mixed seasoning from the supermarket that included paprika (chicken seasoning is great). Use this to add a touch of color to the sauce as a replacement for traditional egg yolk.  

Step 4 

Add the vegetable stock and 100ml of water. Adding the water should allow you to scrape the base of onions from the bottom of the pan and avoid it from sticking. Keep on a low-medium heat throughout. 

Step 5 

Pour in your cream and add the parmesan to the sauce. Allow the sauce to mix and the parmesan cheese to melt. Add a touch of lemon juice to balance the flavor. 

Step 6 

Blitz into a smooth sauce. 

Serve 80g of sauce with 150g of spaghetti & 100g of spinach and courgette. Top with parsley and sundried tomatoes (your choice).



29g Protein

46g Carbs

9g Fat