5 Ways Meal-prep Helps Clients

5 Ways Meal-prep Helps Clients

Thinking about trying out a meal-prep service? 

Here are just five of the best ways that using a meal-prep service benefits our clients on a weekly basis. Whether you're a full-time mum, a competing athlete, or someone who works 14-hour shifts; having your meals prepped by a team of professionals comes with many advantages.

#1 Macro-calculated Meals

Benno Box meals come in four different sizes and always come with a macro-breakdown included on the sticker. Stick to your diet plan the easiest way. Our team of chefs portions out clients' meals based on their specific goals; meaning that you never have to worry about hitting your intake requirements. 

All the meals we provide come with 25g+ protein per portion and a balance of healthy fats and carbohydrates.  

#2 High-quality meat

We only use high-quality free-range/grass-fed meats in all our meals as standard. This is one of our core principles at Benno Box. We want our clients to achieve their best results and know that the best way to reach this is through high-quality ingredients. 

This ensures that clients get the most nutritious, best-tasting meals possible.

#3 Variety of Meals

Eating the same food on any diet plan gets extremely boring for many clients. That's why we change our set menu every single week. With meals from around the world, our clients are always trying new dishes and keeping them fresh. Enjoy a different taste every day of the week. 

Choose from a set menu plan or custom-built plan with all your favourite meals from our wide menu of 40+ options. 

#4 Save Time & Money 

Nowadays, healthy eating is not cheap and requires a lot of time and effort to maintain. We take that effort away from clients. 

Save over 6 hours per week on shopping, prepping, and washing. Our meals come in recyclable boxes that take 3 minutes to heat up so it couldn't be easier to stay on top of your diet with the least effort required. 

#5 Convenient Delivery

We deliver across the whole of Merseyside twice a week. Avoid carrying any food around in your bag by having meals delivered for you to either a home or work address. 

Monday/Thursday 8am-2pm 

There's nothing better than coming home after a long day and knowing you have a perfectly portioned meal ready for you when you get in.